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Phyto Pharma’s closed loop seed-to-oil process will disrupt the current highly segmented cannabis industry moving it towards a pharmaceutical-grade model. Our unique approach enables producers and cultivators to bring premium, differentiated products, including consumables and topicals to market safely and efficiently.

Phyto Pharma processes will impact how edibles, beverages and other value-added products are manufactured, once legalized in Canada and other international markets.

Phyto Pharma presents opportunity for EARLY MARKET LEADERSHIP in high-margin infused product manufacturing.

SCALABLE WHITE LABEL PRODUCTION and toll processing solutions help increase speed to market for Phyto Pharma clients and customers.

HIGHLY-EXPERIENCED TEAM, with longstanding credibility in the cannabis industry, including notable leaders and pioneers.


Philip W. Johnson | CEO & Co-Founder

Philip Johnston is Phyto Pharma’s CEO & Co-founder and a natural born citizen of Canada. Mr. Johnston has been a member of the Province of Ontario Bar Association for over 40 years graduating from the University of Ottawa LLB. Mr. Johnston additionally holds a Bachelor of Commerce (Economics) and is charter member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants and Certified Public Accountants of Canada. From 1971-1981 Mr. Johnston practiced law in Toronto with leading firms including Blake, Cassells & Graydon, as well as, Zimmerman Winters.

Mr. Johnston’s asset administration background is complimented by a rich history within international tax and IP/asset protection regulation. He has acted in the capacity and held numerous board positions for public companies in the Toronto area since the 1980’s. Mr. Johnston continues to act as both a legal and tax specialist throughout Canada and the United States. His diverse talents in these specialties include analysis on regulatory issues that require attorney involvement which involve Phyto Pharma’s unique niche that allows our company to proceed with new ventures which require a larger touch when looking at new and prospective business models within our highly regulated industry.


B. Michael Friedman | Co-Founder

B. Michael Friedman is a valued contributor to key strategic acquisitions and highly successful joint ventures on behalf of Phyto Pharma. He has over 20 years of investment banking experience, with a ten year chronicle of success driving benchmark-Setting growth and expansion for globally focused Fortune 100, turnaround and start-up companies.

As the Company’s Co-Founder, he has served on numerous boards of public companies since 2008. He has a proven track record in delivering exceptionally high shareholder returns and profitability, driving vision and achieving critical strategic goals and has documented a record of executive leadership within organizations ranging from $2 million to $155 million, global in reach and scale and with interdisciplinary teams of up to 100 employees. He was a Featured Speaker/guest at Nasdaq Stock Exchange and a Guest Speaker on nationally syndicated financial television and radio programming. He has been profiled on two occasions in Florida Business Journal as leading entrepreneur and Chief Executive Officer in business start-ups. A results-proven, growth oriented, globally focused leader with respected success in multiple industries and markets.

Mr. Friedman is an invaluable partner in relationship building and business development of new strategic capital ventures. By crafting the team at the onset, and coaching their skillsets to optimal service, Mr. Friedman’s results and accomplishments make him sought after in a variety of business and capital markets arenas. Mr. Friedman received his Bachelor of Science (BS) in Marketing, Business and Management in 1986 from a Florida State University.

Dr. Stephen Holt | Board Member

Dr. Stephen Holt has distinguished himself as a physician and MD specializing in Integrative and Anti-Aging Medicine, Gastroenterology, Internal Medicine and Nutrition with a practice New York.

He is a Board Member, Integrative Medicine of Asia Board Member, European Society of Anti-Aging Medicine ( Medical Liaison, American Clinical Board of Nutrition ( Honors Graduate 1972, Liverpool University Medical School, England UK Higher Training Internal Medicine in Gastroenterology, Therapeutics/Clinical

Pharmacology and Nutrition
Board Certified Internist and Sub specialist in USA, UK, Economic Union and Canada (Gastroenterology and Internal Medicine)

Honorary Doctorate of Human Letters, LLD(LHD), New York, USA
Congressional Medal of Distinction 2006, National Republican Congressional

Several Awards for Teaching and Research

Author or co-author-25 books, including “The Cannabis Revolution” and several hundred scientific communications, with thousands of publications or citations in medical consumer or trade press. Dr. Stephen Holt is also the founder of the holistic brand of multiple nutraceutical products under his “Natural Clinician” brands.

Greg Averill | Advisor

Greg Averill is a graduate of Fort Lewis College with a post graduate education in botany, ecology and biology. Mr. Averill manages all agricultural operations and is an expert on plant genetics, cultivation and extraction processes.

Greg has personally managed over seven separate commercial grows and established himself throughout his career as a premiere grower and breeder of the 2015 Cannabis Cup 2nd place sativa- Sweet Silver Haze. His expertise includes: Metric and Compliance Director, Advanced breeding knowledge, including ownership of proprietary genetics. Greg maintains relationships with top breeders on the forefront of the international cannabis genetics scene. He continues to manage Phyto Pharma’s complex master grow operations to obtain consistent results.