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Rehab RX

Our consumers have all experienced discomfort or pain at one point or another, conditioning themselves to reach for that bottle of pain pills. Both patients and caregivers, are ready to find other solutions.

RehabRx® was developed as a health and fitness lifestyle brand and excellent alternative to opioids, being both safe and convenient. Herbal relief is at your fingertips, as you can apply where and whenever you would like. A premier product in our collection of proprietary full spectrum hemp oils, this is not meant to cure you, per se, but will provide you the relief you’ve been seeking without reaching for that pain pill bottle.


Our flagship product, Phytocine®, has been formulated as a therapeutic relief pill consisting of 100mg to 250mg of CBD in a dissolving capsule. In a time when the opioid crisis has reached a near fever pitch, those in the medical field have been eager to find an alternative to the highly addictive painkillers. Phytocine® is available in multiple jurisdictions as a CBD infused nutraceutical to be used as a substitution for opioid prescriptions. Relief without the possibility of addiction is possible.